Thoughts about
Bot Constructor UI

First thoughts on how to improve UX of initial constructing, first impression, make construction look less complicated.
Small tweaks
1. Focus: make focus appear consequentially
2. More bots to start with: variety makes it feel easier and safer to try
3. Improve support reaction time: if one has trouble understanding UI then going to support chat would seem the best scenario, but it would not work when support "typically replies in 2 days" (didn't in my case)
4. Structure the tabs: for example "broadcast/promote/analyze" sounds like a logical chain, yet now it breaks with the "settings" right in the middle.
Combine similar tabs
Setting up AI refers to a building of a bot as much as everything else in current "build" tab, so why not to put them in a single tab
Visualising bot creation
The really cool feature would be creating and linking bot blocks as it is done in modern prototyping tools — by creating blocks and connecting them at one place

Here are some references

First attempt results

During these short 5 days it become clear, that proving (or disproving, if it comes to that) hypothesis about visual UI is going to take at least couple of weeks.
Neither i, nor you have that time, so here is the illustration of a thinking process as well as some interim measures, that are going to help improve the number of people who have created and tested at least one first bot.
What was planned
The general idea was to give the whole picture of a bot, as if it was a number of screens to change between, or a block diagram
But in order to do this, you'd have to develop the whole system of connections and connecting interactions, which would take approximately two or three weeks.

So, yes, the initial idea is too complex to be proven within just couple of days. Nevertheless, couple of days is enough to do less than i've promised but enough to bump up numbers a little
So, what i did instead
What if, instead of inventing something completely new, which, as it appeared, i fail to complete in 5-6 days, i think about improving what there is now
We combine all of a process within «Build» tab
We change the way blocks at the left look like to make them similar to what user sees on the right
We throw away clutter on the right side, making things clearer
In order to do that we make border between to sides flexible, and columns on the left — adaptive
We allow drag and drop from left to right as a first step of moving towards completely visual UI
We clearly say what «card» and what «message» within that card is
All those measures aside, when user creates his first bot, he should be boarded on an empty page, describing what his options are and making him feel guided
Cards now have icons. This helps to better understand what is being created, and also serves as indicator when card is in the blocks area
SETTINGS now have three levels:
1. Global settings
2. Group settings
3. And item settings, which is basically all content options available when creating card

This would allow to easily implement new pass-through options, «delay» for example

Although i haven't completed this part yet, but here you can get the idea: when switching to an Algorithm (yes, it's misspelled in the mockups, sorry about that) section — you'll be able to create new rules using drag-n-drop from the left side
Thanks for your time
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