Tamaz N. Murguliya
Creative Lead / CXO
I work as Creative Lead / Chief Experience Officer in
a VR Entertainment Production Studio. A studio which VRTech/Neurogaming brought me in to help create
in 2016.

Since then we've established a smooth pipeline and shipped more than 15 VR game titles in over 1.5 years.
This includes VR Experiences based on the most famous animated series in Russia: Kikoriki and Fixies, PvP shooter RevolVR and World of Tanks VR which was acknowledged and licensed by Wargaming as part of their AAA worldwide World of Tanks title.
In 2018 World of Tanks VR has been chosen as the
"Best AR/VR game" at Gamescom'2018

Later that year VRTech/Neurogaming won VRAwards as the
"Rising VRcompany" of the year
This was our second take on one of PlayVR LBE network's bestselling games - RevolVR. Despite RevolVR's advantages it was made out of a raw prototype and lacked visual consistency as well as well balanced gameplay. A year later we returned to our first PvP shooter and applied all our newly obtained knowledge and skills of the last 1.5 years of work to this new chapter. We completely redesigned the whole game from scratches, built a beautiful stylised world, designed new levels each with its unique play mechanics, and gave each character a unique set of weapons, VFX, and skills, which resulted in increased retention.
I lead this project both as Product and Creative Lead, while being responsible for designing the overall gaming experience.
World of Tanks VR
Fast paced PvP tank warfare in VR. One of our longest and most demanding projects. We've introduced the first version at Wargaming's WGFest in December'2017, and by the Summer'2018 released the grown-up version of the game at Gamescom'2018.
I was one to come up with the idea and key game mechanics and to successfully pitch the first concept to Wargaming after we spent countless weeks on testing the various ideas on how to get rid of motion sickness. Delivering the actual game was also my responsibility.

You also might want to read the full story about working on this project in my blog
Alpha CentaVR
A virtual quest designed as a surrealistic escape room for 1-4 players. Almost 45 minutes of cooperative gameplay with every room designed to be a unique puzzle, requiring players to use different skills to solve. After solving each room it transforms or warps into the next room, never allowing players to question the vastness of the universe they are currently in.
I outlined the ideas behind each room along with the idea of this seamless warp between the rooms.
As a result, this became the most successful VR quest experience in Russia's biggest escape room network "Claustrophobia".
Other games worth mentioning
PiratesVR was our first game that made it to the bestsellers. Easy to master gameplay and fun and light experience rocketed this game to the Top3 best selling games on PlayVR venues.
Our first take on PvP VR experience made straight out of the raw prototype. We were so passionate about the idea that forgot to truly polish visual aesthetics and pay enough attention to balance and pace of the game. Which nonetheless did not prevent this game from becoming number one shooter on PlayVR venues, putting behind titles like Serious Sam.
Kikoriki is one of the most popular animated series in Russia. We created VR experience for kids, based on Kikoriki universe, to make sure kids would be excited to play all 4 of our minigames, each providing companionship with one of four characters know from series. The game allows up to 4 players in competitive and co-op modes.
Fixies are the second most famous animated series. Based on the idea of tiny creatures that live inside the things and fix them, this animated series combines both entertainment and education. For us, it was a challenge to let kids shrink down to the tiny size of their beloved characters.
Work experience
2016 — now
VRTech Group / NeurogamingMoscow, Russia; Nicosia, Cyprus
Creative Lead / Chief Experience Officer
VRTech has recently developed a biggest network of a VR Arcade halls. More than 40 halls has opened in 2017 and 2018 in Russia under the franchise of CinemaVR/PlayVR.

In less than few month, i've gathered a strong team of professionals, who are currently working on making a unique content for VR LBE network.

This is completely new level of designing experience, which i'm happy to explore and learn.

Selected Achievements:
  • Assemble and lead one of the most successfull VR Production Studio in Europe
  • Designed, produced and released more than 10 VR game titles for VR LBE network within 2017, including PVP hits: World of Tanks VR and RevolVR
2015 — now
Founder & Captain at UX™
Efficiently lead remarkable team of experts with combined expertise in product design and user interface; specializing in non-trivial UX tasks to manage complex projects.

2013 — 2016
NPTVMoscow, Russia; London, UK
Design Director
Instrumental in evolving a small startup under the UNDEV umbrella, into an innovative cloud-based interactive media platform.

Directed the designing process of company ecosystem; including user experience across various devices, interaction patterns, and product features. Created guidelines for all third-party applications. Completed all research and development tasks, including implementing new forms of interaction for NPTV capability.

Selected Achievements:
  • Designed company's first ever mock-ups and prototypes.
  • Supervised NPTV's design studio, located in the city of London, where the majority of the company's research and development operations commenced; including the analyzing of all proposals prior to production.

Developed and expanded design concepts for highly sophisticated aggregator of news and information.

Team lead for enhancing Reading Experience, re-designing Android and Windows Mobile applications

Selected Achievements:
  • Appy Awards / Best News App of 2013
  • Featured in News and Editors Choice on Google Play Store - 2013
  • UN World Summit Mobile Award in m-Media & News – 2012
  • Grand Prix Appy Awards in News - 2012

2011 — 2012
WakieMoscow, Russia
UX Consultant
Created the first typography and logo; still used as basis for current company logotype
2010 — 2011
Undev.ru — Moscow, Russia
Art Director
Designed prototype of a cloud based TV platform, now expanded to NPTV – a stunning interactive platform.
2006 — 2010
FCBi — Moscow, Russia
Art Director | Creative Group Head
Assisted CEO in transforming Media Arts holding dept. into an independently operational Digital Agency.
2002 — 2005
Web-MasterskayaMoscow, Russia
Designer and Art Director
Designed for various projects - spanning from websites to extremely non-trivial UI, developing an in-depth understanding of UI specialization

Selected Achievement
  • First international award: Pobediteli.ru - UN World Summit Award in E-Culture – 2005
Visual Communication coursework
2008 - 2010
British Higher School of Art and Design
MA Software Engineer
1998 – 2004
Moscow State Technological University
Professional skills
  • A professional qualification in Visual Communications;
  • Expert in designing products and overall user experience;
  • Exceptional skills in developing product vision;
  • Excellent management experience leading large groups;
  • Proven track record in a lead role with oversight of a design group or creative discipline;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • The application of appropriate project management methodology;
  • Team work and a customer focused mentality with ability to multi-task.
I was born on November 5, 1979, in Tbilisi, Georgia. My parents moved to Moscow, Russia in 1992 when i was 13, so I'd say that I grew up here. I've always been curious and inventive which often lead to accidents like putting the whole place on fire. I graduated as software engineer though never worked as one. Instead, I chose to self-educate in web design, started making money with those first skills in 1999, which gave me my profession and specialty — designing Experience.

In 2008 I went to the British Higher School of Art and Design to make things clear and find out whether my knowledge and skills were up to the task or I lacked something important. That course helped me to eradicate my doubts, crystallize my specialty and move on with my career.

In 2015 I assembled a small team of professionals to work together on projects of a larger scale.This Studio UXTM is now a successful autonomous unit.

In 2016, after more than 15 years of successful career in User Experience Design, I got a chance to implement my knowledge and experience in Games Industry. Since then I lead one of the biggest VR Production Houses in Europe.
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