Web design; Mobile app product design; UX; UI
KorocheKino Shorts Festival
KOROCHE is a young Russian film festival and the shortest road to the leading producing companies for young and talented enthusiasts and cinema professionals alike. Throughout last few years, we've done various works for the festival. Including website that evolved with the festival and couple of approaches to redesign logo and identity (luckily, we didn't succeed though)


Year 2016
Year 2015
Different layouts for different times
The layout changes for different purposes
Between festivals
The most important things at this time become stories, photos and videos from the last festival
3 months before festival
At this time — festival is starting to announce the next event
When festival is on
And here — the live feeds and news from the ongoing event are taking the main place on the page
Stories of success
Our attempt to rethink the logo for the grown-up festival
Concept One
Concept Two