art direction


A journey of designing fun fast paced RTS brawls for mobile
All concept art created by the talented artists
mobile game
It allows players to clash in an RTS brawls.

While working on UX, UI, Art and overall look and feel, we also helped this game to find its name, shape lore, and some of the gameplay mechanics
Wargrard is a fast paced PvP RTS mobile game


The experience is built through unlocking units and spells
and then using them on different battlegrounds in fast paced PvP brawls, which lets you upgrade your current units and unlock new ones

Collection: cards
and units, reactions

All cards were designed phisycal expensive and bright
So that players valued even COMMON cards as important part of their collection

Spells made as magical
glass spheres



To express feelings players are given wide range of reactions!
Text reactions, based on the games or movies we love, as well as emojies, designed as a versions of units player use in battle

Diverse maps

every with it’s icon

Different modes to play

If there is a play mode - there is an icon for it
Icons were made to give the idea of what the mode will be, and what players will experience

Design system for mode cards

Modes can be usual or special
Special modes have frames to make them stand out. But to give developers flexibility, there is a variation of frame and color for every mode

How to go into a battle, and how to finish one

Victory and stats

Victory and stats

Playing with friends

Trophies, player’s progression and rewards

every with it’s icon

Main progression road, where player unlocks rewards, gains trophies and battles throught arenas
Every arena unlocks new cards, new maps to play on, and new rewards
Seasonal WAR PASS provides players with quests and even more resources and unlocks unique season-based cards
Seasons were supposed to be one of the mechanism, among other things allowing us to reveal lore stories
And upgrading cards levels up player itself, unlocking new frames for avatar and ranks


Looting resources made fun
To emphasise getting new units, they appear not only like cards, but as models


Shop items designed to make purchase valuable
Free-to-play games have their own limitations, therefore we have spend a lot of time to polish shop items as much as possible


So meet WARGARD, designed by LETTERHEAD studio, perfect for fun games, specially crafted to be well recognized on mobile devices


SERiously, we can’t put it all here, go chek it by yourself